It’s all about work/life balance

Your best individual work/life balance will vary over time, often on a daily basis.  The right balance for you today will probably be different for you tomorrow.  Life is fluid.  How you work should be in harmony with how you live.


Who We Are

Who We Are

LIONX is a State of Florida LLC that provides legitimate work from home opportunities for individuals who want or need to stay at home and make a living.  Through our Arise portal partner, we work with some of the nation’s top Fortune 500 companies. LIONX is perfect for stay-at-home moms, students, and just about anyone looking to work from home.

What You’ll Do

What You’ll Do

You will take inbound calls for an amazing client of your choice, many being Fortune 500 companies.  To prepare you for this exciting new opportunity, you will enroll in an online client certification course with a certified live instructor.  Once you complete and pass certification, you will begin earning revenue and selecting your own work schedule.  You’ll be able to select the hours that work for you and your needs.

It’s Your Call

It’s Your Call

All LIONX virtual agents are 1099 contractors.  This means that you are essentially your own boss.  You will choose to work for one or many clients, turn this gig into supplemental or primary income, and select when to work and which days to take off.  Earn as little or as much as you want.  You’re the boss – you make the call.

Minimum Requirements

While exact requirements vary by client, this is the minimum that you will need to get started!

Computer Skills

Although experience is not required, you must have computer skills in order to be considered.  But don’t panic… if you can browse the internet, you’ve got more skills than you realize.  See basic computer skills here.

Windows PC/Laptop or MAC

Having the right equipment is a critical component of any successful work-from-home endeavor.  Make sure you have a working computer, either a Windows PC/laptop or a MAC, that will meet minimum servicing guidelines.  See Windows PC/laptop specs here.   See MAC requirements here.


Your Windows PC/laptop or MAC must be loaded with the right software.  See software specs here.

Internet and Phone Service Providers

You’ll need to have (or prepare to have!) a hard-wired broadband Internet service connection and a land-line telephone before you begin your first client certification training.  See requirements here.


You will need to purchase a USB headset for your certification class. This is a headset that plugs into your computer. You will also need a telephone (with keypad and mute functionality) as well as a headset that can plug into your telephone.  See our recommendations.

Schedule an Interview

Now it’s time to schedule a telephone interview.  Please contact us to provide us with some basic information and schedule an interview.

Work from Home Savings Calculator

Ever wonder how much you can save by ditching the cubicle? Click here to find out!


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1099 Contractor
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1099 Contractor
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1099 Contractor
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