How to Register


Step 1: CONTACT USContact us to schedule a preliminary interview. If selected, you will receive a Welcome Letter with detailed instructions on “next steps”.
Step 2: CREATE A PROFILECreate a profile on the Arise portal. When prompted, enter the LIONX LLC CSPID# 1669707.
Step 3: BACKGROUND CHECKTakes a few minutes to submit, it’s free and is conducted by a third party.
Step 4: NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)Sign a non-disclosure agreement to access client names & details.
Step 5: JOIN LIONX LLC networkEnter the LIONX LLC FEIN# 82-2538027 to join our call center.
STEP 6: SELECT CLIENT OPPORTUNITYAfter discussing options with Lionx, choose the client program(s) you would like to service.